Utilities, Services, and Places for Your Move

Written by Mary Davis, Moveboxer.com

There is a substantial moving checklist for any move, particularly when it is a long distance move. First, you need to prepare your house and your belongings for the move. The next step is to get all of your utilities and services transferred or in order in your new home. This is one of the most daunting parts of the move. It's so hard! We wanted to put together some tips in regards to utilities and services related to moving. Here they are:

1. Keep Track of Your Bills

In the two months before your move, start keeping track of your bills. If they are emailed to you, make a folder in your email inbox and if they are mailed to you, start making a pile. This way, you will have all the phone numbers and account numbers on hand to transfer your utilities or cancel them before your move.

2. Set a Date for Two Weeks Before

Set a date for two weeks before to cancel or transfer your utilities. In some cases, you will need to wait for the person vacating the place where you are moving to cancel their utilities so you don't want to start too soon. Block off an hour or two in your day and then start emailing, calling, or mailing to get in touch with the companies and get this part done.

3. Make Friends with the Person Leaving

It helps to have some sort of relationship with the person or family leaving the place where you will be calling home. If you can ask the realtor for the person's phone number, or talk with the management company for your apartment or condo, it helps to have the "Cliff Notes" version for the utilities in your new home. They can quickly point you to the right service providers and make things much easier for you.

4. Start Compiling Lists

You can use the lists below of utilities, services, and places to help you create lists of the places you'll need to know in your new home. You can do online research ahead of time or walk around your new neighborhood to try to locate village hall, your fire station, or a local insurance salesperson.

5. Know the Rules

There might be specific rules associated with moving into your new home and it is a good idea to do some research ahead of time. You might need to reserve parking with the village hall or coordinate special elevator service for move-in day. You can ask neighbors, the management company, or your realtor for help.

Here is a comprehensive list of the utilities, services and places to locate for your new home.


Cable TV
Home Security


Insurance (homeowners, auto, etc.)
Car Licenses and Registration
Address Change with Post Office
Address Change sent to friends and family


Village Hall
County Government
Post Office
Park District
Animal Hospital
Public Transportation
School District

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